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The electric bike business needs a consumer magazine! Customers are desperate for independent buying advice, and distributors and dealers are eager to reach and educate potential electric bike buyers.


Electric Bike will be a full colour, full size paper magazine and a free online digital edition. It will feature independent, professional reviews across the price-points and across a wide range of electric bikes from sit-on to sporty. Clear jargon-busting and beginner-friendly buying advice. News from the electric bike world: products, events and more.


Pick up Electric Bike free of charge at participating electric bike dealers, distributors and special needs organisations. Or read it free on the website, subscribe to have it sent through the post quarterly, or pick up a copy at many cycling and non-cycling events.


Electric Bike will be produced by the team behind Velo Vision magazine. Velo Vision has been published successfully for almost 10 years, showcasing international cycle design and specialist bikes for transport and touring.


The first issue will be out mid-August 2010! We can't wait...

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Claud Bulter

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